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How did I get here à to paint ?

Why oil paintingoil?

HowdefinedI my style?

Why oil painting?

First, because initially it was not my choice. It was my teacher who gave me the tubes and told me "go for it!". 

Second, later trying painting acrylic, I noticed that it was not compatible with my way of painting. The acrylic   dries too quickly for my eyes, which prevents me from working on it. However, the oil takes a long time to dry - several days to several weeks depending on how it is used. Also, I can work it de way undefined. This allows me to mix colors at any time on the canvas but also de change its structure.

Finally, the oil paint I use is thick, which gives me the possibility  to put a good coat of paint on my canvases and leur_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_brings consistency.

In whichstatedo I paint?

What givesmomentumto my creativity ?

Thatrepresent my paintings?

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