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How did I get here à to paint ?

Why oil paintingoil?

HowdefinedI my style?

How did I come to paint?

I started painting very young. My first contact with painting a  was painting on silk. At first, I was doing tasks here, there. Then, I started to fill predefined zones with more or less coherent colors, in other words, I "colored" a drawing, but a drawing on silk. All this  happened when I was 4 to 10 years old. To  from then on, I no longer touched  brushes, except at school during DIY lessons.

It was in 2011 that everything changed. A friend's mom offered me to paint a canvas but this time using oil paint -  the canvas I painted is in my gallery of image, I named it "First meeting".   Right away, I opted for an abstract style.

JI can't say it was a revelation, but I must admit that I really liked it. So I decided to accompany my friend's mother to her painting lessons. There, I learned everything: mixing colors, using the spatula, cleaning equipment and above all letting go.

In whichstatedo I paint?

What givesmomentumto my creativity ?

Thatrepresent my paintings?

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